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DJ Gear

Numark PT01 Scratch Portable TurntableHaving your own club, playing your own kind of songs and mixing your own music is what DJs dream of! What great idea to purchase a turntable so you can start creating great music and practice for your performance. There are great new turntables for sale at guitarcenter.com and many other disk jockey equipment. If you are just starting out with a limited budget then it is better to start with second hand equipment first. When you buy DJ equipment, you must know how to distinguish quality and durability especially if you are out looking for deals in a second hand shop.

Hiwatt Guitar Amplifiers

Hiwatt Custom 7 7w Tube Guitar Amp Head Black My brother could use one of the best Hiwatt Guitar Amplifiers at musician’s friend for his electric guitar to produce studio-quality sound. It is one of the best guitar amplifiers available because you can get multiple sound effects with it. I don’t know much about musical instruments but that is what I found out when I did some research about the Hiwatt Guitar amplifiers. I am sure my brother would be delighted if I would buy him one but it might be quite a while before I can get it for him.


Amati ABG 211K Bb Hunting Horn (ABG 211K)I don’t know anyone in my family that plays bugles. Speaking of bugles, there are a wide selection of Bugles at WWBW to choose from. If you are thinking about giving your special someone a bugle this holiday season, WWBW is the right place to check out. They have a selection of Bb bugles, G/F bugles, euphonium bugles and hunting bugles. They have a bugle from a respected musical instrument maker for your every need. This Amati ABG 211K Bb Hunting Horn is on sale and the shipping is free.