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Towns Affected by Floods

The town where my folks and siblings live is one of the towns in the Philippines that has been affected by floods. Earlier this week, my mother told me that the lake behind them is swollen and it is now near our backyard. It was not alarming for me because this had happened many times when I was still living there in the Philippines. What did worry me a lot was when I read the news advisory online about the rise of the river in Butuan where some members of my family are living. Because of that advisory, I made phone calls and sent text messages to them during the early morning hours.

Continuing heavy rainfalls in Davao will cause the rise of the water level in the Agusan River. It was advised that people living near mountain slopes and in low-lying areas should be alert & take appropriate actions to protect themselves against possible flash floods and landslides. The advisory prompted people to take proactive actions and evacuations.

Last night, I chatted with my mother and she told that the rain had finally stopped. The weather is improving but has left damage to crops, infrastructure and property. Some provinces are still under a state of alert. Even though the weather is improving, everyone should still be leery of flooding and mudslide possibilities over the next few weeks.