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Designer Jewelry

SLANE Oval Mesh Forward Hoop Pearl Earrings

Slane jewelry is a collection of hand-cast, hand-assembled and hand-finished jewelry. I like shopping for jewelry and even if I don’t have a budget to buy one at the moment, I window shop. I was browsing through Slane Oval Mesh collection and this SLANE Oval Mesh Forward Hoop Pearl Earrings in yellow gold caught my attention. Doesn’t it look gorgeous? Christmas is only a few weeks off and that earrings is definitely a great choice to give to your special someone. I would be very delighted if my hubby would give me something like that.

Wedding & Engagement Rings

I love weddings and everything associated with them. I, especially love wedding and engagement rings. I remember when my hubby sent me the picture of the wedding ring that he had picked out for me. I was really excited and could not believe it was happening. He was here in the US and I was still there in the Philippines so he had to pick out the style and size of the ring by himself.

Cushion Diamond Engagement RingI keep bugging him about having another wedding and honeymoon on our tenth anniversary and an upgrade on my wedding ring to a bigger stone. He keeps asking me why. He thinks that I am not satisfied with the first go round but that is not really the case. I hope he doesn’t get the wrong impression. I just like weddings, honeymoons and diamonds :-). Then he starts wondering if I want to upgrade my man. Then I tell him that’s the one thing that I never want to change.

I think he may be coming around for the tenth anniversary wedding and honeymoon thing. We have been married for seven years now so I still have a way to go but that doesn’t stop me from doing window shopping on the type of diamond that I would like to have set into my engagement ring. I really like these heart shaped diamonds but I don’t know if they could be made to work in the setting that I currently have. I really like this diamond princess cut but that is a completely different setting than my original engagement ring. But then again, I do have ten fingers so I have a lot of room to wear more than one at a time. A girl can always dream, right?

princess cut diamondRight now, our budget probably would not allow for the purchase of anything fancy but I love to do the window shopping and dreaming anyway. My hubby is currently working on several different projects which could make us a lot of money in the not too distant future so my dreams aren’t totally out of the realm of possibility. In the meantime, I just like to browse through all the different styles and cuts of jewelry that Whiteflash has posted. They have got something for just about everyone and for those who can’t find the perfect ring or pendant, they can design you something custom to fit your budget and specifications exactly.

Discount Jewelry

sterling silver seven-piece turquoise wire wrap ringIf you are looking for exclusively designed discount jewelry, look no further than Ruby Wallet LLC. Ruby Wallet LLC has been in the fine jewelry industry for over 50 years. Ruby Wallet LLC is a great resource for savvy, stylish and budget conscious shoppers like me who crave sparkle, exceptional quality and great customer service. They have a wide selection of beautiful and affordable diamonds and fine jewelry to choose from. Whether you want classic or contemporary styles in fashion and fine jewelry, Ruby Wallet LLC has it all. Visit them online to start your shopping.