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Drawer Slides

Some of our drawers need new handles and slides. In particular my hubby doesn’t like the drawer handles on our bedroom set because they have sharp edges that can cut you if you brush against them. He is planning to replace them. He should check out a wide selection of drawer slides and handles at Ovis, a specialist in industrial grade heavy duty drawer slides. They have 36 inch Drawer Slides, knobs, pulls and handles of all different kinds and styles for cabinets, furniture, doors and windows.

Water Heater Repair in Indianapolis

When it comes to structural improvements in your home, office, or business establishment, it is always best to trust the experts unless you are an expert yourself.

There have been a number of reports of gas explosions and various accidents caused by people who did some DIY home improvement projects only to realize, often too late, that these projects were too complicated for them to handle by themselves.

When it comes to Water Heater Indianapolis, you can find qualified workers and sturdy equipment at Cooper’s Water Conditioning. The company has licensed plumbers. Not only does the company offer free estimates on all jobs, they also provide the best pricing and warranties as well as 12 months “same as cash” financing options. All top brands of water heaters are offered, providing you with plenty of options to choose from.

With the company also offering cleaning, maintenance, and repair services, you really have nothing to worry about after your water heaters are installed.

A Versatile Refrigerator with Door Alarms

The samsung rb195acpn is a must-have in any kitchen, offering a versatile counter-depth refrigerator. This powerful fridge offers ultra-modern features, including bright LED lights and door alarms that sound when either of the freezer or refrigerator door is left open by accident. With twin-cooling system, glass slide-out shelves, and stainless steel look, this energy-efficient fridge is truly an excellent choice. Designed and created by Samsung, quality is truly exceptional! It is also one of the newest models that hit the market and has benefited from lessons learned from its predecessors. Its power freeze allows for quick cooling to help keep optimal temperatures often disrupted by repeated opening of the door. That means that this fridge is the best choice for families whose kids can never get enough of opening the fridge to dig around for food.

Mechanicsville Flooring


Our home has needed a major renovation for quite sometime and now it looks like we will be getting it soon. We had already bought most of the flooring materials we need and I think my hubby & I will finally be able to get our remodeling project started this summer. His grandson will be coming to live with us and he will be helping my hubby do the remodeling. I can’t wait for that to happen. This will probably be my hubby’s best birthday present for me as I have been asking him to get these jobs done for quite sometime. He has been suffering from some medical conditions for the last few years that has limited his ability to do the physical labor himself so now it seems like we will finally get the job finished.

Our home is quite livable even though the rugs and floors look bad. We have a carpet in our living room but it is old and badly in need of being replaced. According to my hubby, the floors have been pretty much like this since he bought this place. We have hard oak wood tile that we are planning to put in the living room and office and ceramic tile for the kitchen and bathroom. The hard oak wood tile we have is not nearly as nice as Mechanicsville flooring but we will probably go ahead and use it anyway since it is already bought and our budget is tight.

Once we get the new flooring installed, we will probably be putting area carpets over the floor tile. One of our three bedrooms is already set up that way and we will probably do the same with the other two.

Floor Trader of Richmond sells carpet flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, tile flooring, hardwood flooring and area rugs to do-it-yourself and value-conscious consumers at factory-direct savings of 20 percent to 70 percent. They provide a clean, expansive, warehouse-style store that consistently maintains large inventories for immediate cash-and-carry. In addition to a great selection of in-stock flooring, priced well below retail, they also offer financing opportunities. If you need flooring products, you should check them out.

Carpet in Las Vegas

My hubby bought the house that we currently live in about fourteen years ago. It is a modest home but there are lots of things that need to be done around the house. We need to replace the carpets, especially in the living room area because it is old and wearing out already. I suggested to my husband that we have it steam cleaned but he said that it is not worth it because we are going to change the flooring throughout the house anyway. He wants to remove the carpet and put down hardwood flooring instead and just put area rugs.

The three bedrooms definitely need to be carpeted. The carpets are still OK but we will also be replacing them in the not too distant future. This time I will be hands-on in choosing the kind of carpet. I kind of like Safia Solid, the one pictured above. Our floor requires touchable texture & lasting wearability and Safia Solid provides it with lovely style. This kind of carpet has unique nylon fiber shape that offers a pristine appearance and the patented color enhancement system keeps a true blonde beige tone.

My brother and sister in-laws carpet in the bedroom where we usually sleep in when we visit them in Illinois looks like Safia Solid and I really like it. The first time, I felt its texture, I already felt in love with it. Right at that moment, I also told my husband that is the carpet that I want if we are going to replace the ones that we currently have in our bedrooms. Speaking of carpet, visit Flooring America, Carpet in Las Vegas NV area for all of your carpet flooring needs.

Kitchen Sinks

The faucet in our kitchen sink has been leaking since the time I moved in here to my hubby’s place. My hubby and I recently bought a new one but with my hubby’s health problems, he has not been able to get under there and install it. He told me that if I wanted to change it, I would have to do the job while he supervised. I have been thinking that rather than just replacing the faucet, we should replace the whole unit instead.

Memory Foam Toppers

I have been thinking that we may need a new mattress in our master bedroom. The mattress and box spring that we currently have in there are sagging in the middle. My hubby says that the problem is not the mattress but the box spring and the bed frame that it is mounted on. I think we also need a memory foam topper. My hubby wants a queen size bed that has drawers fitted into the base but we haven’t been able to find one. He says that if we can’t find one soon he will build one himself.