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The Dance Doctor

I find dancing as one of the best and fun exercises. I dance to the tune of Zumba de Merengue on a regular basis and it really helps me keep in a good shape. Growing up as a kid, I have already been into dancing and I have never been to the dance doctor to learn how to dance. I guess it runs in the family since my mother is into dancing as well and all of us four sisters can dance.

Back to School

It is back to school now there in the Philippines. I can still remember that it was this time of the year that my mother got a lot of headache where to get the money to buy for our school supplies. Yes the poverty that I did experienced when I was young is still vivid in my memories. We are six siblings so imagine how much school supplies my mother had to buy and my father did not have a high paying job. Fortunately, all of us six were able to finish high school despite our difficult situations. Because of that, we were more determined to study hard, finish our studies and improve our lives. Right now I have only one sibling going to school. Our youngest is now in college. He is fortunate that he doesn’t have to go through the same difficulties like we did before, especially when it comes to school supplies and such. My sister in Germany and I are jointly helping him get through college. Unlike us before, my younger brother now lives comfortably, can eat three meals in a day and more.

Wonderlic Student Educational Assessments

Most colleges do educational assessments before admitting the students into their systems. When I went to college, I underwent pre-screening, cognitive ability assessments and skill tests. The schools do these kinds of educational assessment tests to improve program retention rates and guide successful students to gainful employment. The student assessment process helps predict a student’s likelihood of completing the program and measures an applicant’s general mental ability to learn, adapt, solve problems and understand instructions.

Wonderlic offers student educational assessment technology. Whether your programs are on-campus, online or blended, Wonderlic has a student admissions test solution for you. Wonderlic powerful education assessment technology can be administered via online and is easy to use. It provides school administrators an efficient way to view and compare test results.