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DIY Photography Studio Backdrops

I love DYI projects. Not only do they save you some cash, but creating and making something gives such a sense of accomplishment– and it is always nice to get those comments “I can’t believe you made that!”.

My dad has a little photography business he does on the side for a some extra income and the chance to do what he loves. Since it isn’t a full fledged business, he’s always looking for new, creative and inexpensive photography studio backdrops and props. If you’re in the same boat, just starting out or want some ideas to take some fun portraits of your kids, check out the following DIY ideas:

  1. Go Simple: For props, look around your home and see what you already have. Large baskets with warm, fuzzy blankets make great baby photography props. Chairs and furniture with interesting details and lines are great to help pose your subject around. You may already have more than you realize.
    • For an easy DIY background, hang a line instead or borrow photography backdrop stands, but also consider draping sheets or other fabrics as an alternative backdrop. You can bunch it up to give it some texture or pull it straight. Clean and simple can create really stunning photographs.
  2. Go Vintage: There are a lot of really cool, and inexpensive props and background materials if you just take some time to look. Check out thrift stores, consignment shops, garage sales, and even antique stores to find some really unique items. At many consignment and antique stores you can even talk to the owner or manager and tell them to keep an eye out for things if you’re looking for something specific.
    • A photography backdrop made out of vintage ceiling tiles is super easy and quickly adds a rich, vintage look to your photos. First gather up the tin tiles. I’ve found some good prices on eBay and Amazon. Then, piece them together on a foam board. Get a variety of tiles to give your background different patterns and to make it more interesting.
  3. Go Distressed: Distressed photography backdrops and props are trending now. To get a distressed look in your props, pick up some old furniture, frames, or other trinkets. Don’t worry about touching up chips or other signs of wear but get staining or painting. Play around with painting a few coats of different colors and then use sand paper to reveal the layers underneath.
    • An easy distressed wood background can be created by going to your local home improvement store and picking up some pine board scants. Get them in a thin width so the final product will be easy to move. Lay the boards side by side and then use wood glue to attach a board that goes across the back of all of them. Once dried, start painting. Get a dark color and then a bright color to paint over the top. Water down the paint, about 50/50 so the wood grain will still show. Coat the boards with the dark color first and then when it has dried go over it with the bright color. Play around and have fun painting until you get the look you want.

Creating your own, unique photo studio backdrops is simple! Get creative and have some fun with it!

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