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DJ Gear

Numark PT01 Scratch Portable TurntableHaving your own club, playing your own kind of songs and mixing your own music is what DJs dream of! What great idea to purchase a turntable so you can start creating great music and practice for your performance. There are great new turntables for sale at and many other disk jockey equipment. If you are just starting out with a limited budget then it is better to start with second hand equipment first. When you buy DJ equipment, you must know how to distinguish quality and durability especially if you are out looking for deals in a second hand shop.

Recording Software

Are you looking for high pro tools m-powered and accessories? Look no further. You can find a range of options available at Musicians Friend. Even musicians who are just starting out can enjoy a boost in their musical career with the recording software and other sound module available. Create great music using these excellent musical instruments that produce great sound and have high functionality. Truly, these musical gadgets make the best addition to your instruments.

Microphone Accessories

My brother in the Philippines plays a guitar in a band. My sister and I bought him an electric guitar a couple of years ago but it is kind of a cheapy one. I am sure he would like something a little bit nicer or a body mic from Musician’s Friend that can help them in their band. This Audix D-Clip Narrow Body Mic Clip would probably do. I will have him check the linked website and make sure that it is really something that he will like.

No Other Woman

I want to watch the No Other Woman movie. I don’t know how I am going to watch it because I am not in the Philippines. I hope that I can find it online. It premiered on Sept 28th of 2011 and many have been talking about how good this movie is. No Other Woman is an adult romance drama film starring Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes. I have read reports that it is a block buster movie earning P100 million in its first five days. It was given a grade of “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board because its actors and characters are very compelling. I saw the full trailer of this movie online. As a married woman, I too, won’t let any other woman ruin my marriage.

To Renew my Passport

My hubby and I will be taking a trip to Chicago one of these days. I need to renew my passport. When I renewed it five years ago, I just sent the application in the mail. For some reason, personal appearance is now required, which I think is so absurd. My hubby could not believe it when I told him about the application process last night. It is such a hassle to say the least. We will have to travel almost 1300 miles round trip to get the passport renewed. I need to get my passport renewed this year because we are planning to take a trip to the Philippines early next year.

A Lot to be Thankful for…

This year is probably not the best year I ever had but I still have a lot of things to be thankful for. I am thankful that my hubby is now getting better. No thanks to his doctors, they have not been a big help, instead they cost us a lot of money and stress. I am thankful for God’s guidance. He showed us the right way. I am looking forward to his full recovery. It might take a while because the damage has already been done.

As usual, my hubby and I celebrated the Thanksgiving Day by ourselves. It is kind of normal because my relatives are half way around the world, my hubby’s kids are several hundred miles away and the relatives that do live in this area usually travel. It is lonely and sometimes I get jealous but in the end I know I have a lot to be thankful for just to have what I have. There are many people in the world who don’t even have enough to eat every day and we thank God we are able to help with what little we can.

Movie Night

I usually get off work around five o’clock in the afternoon. Then spend night with my hubby watching television. It is either watching a movie or watching news. We don’t usually go to the movie theaters to watch movies. If we like new movies, we will wait for them to be available on TV because we don’t have a budget for that kind of stuff. Since I got here to the US, I have only watched a movie once. The movie ticket at that time was $7. I am in my early thirties and I have been only to theaters a few times.

My first experience was when I was in college. I was 15 or 16 years old at that time. I like watching movies but the reason I would rather watch them on my television because watching them in the theater is expensive for me because aside from tickets, you have to buy snacks as well.

In the Philippines, entering the theater the security guard by the door would inspect you to make sure cell phones were set on vibrates. So into the theater my friends and I went and I notice it was very clean and air conditioned. Seats were also comfortable. To make a long story short, my first movie experience was fun.