Gift Certificates

I am not good at buying gifts. Most of the time, I prefer to give cash or a gift certificate to a friend or a family who is celebrating a special occasion like a birthday or graduation. If you are someone like me and has a friend or a family member who is into musical instruments, just to let you know that musicians friend card is available and the shipping is free.

DJ Gear

Numark PT01 Scratch Portable TurntableHaving your own club, playing your own kind of songs and mixing your own music is what DJs dream of! What great idea to purchase a turntable so you can start creating great music and practice for your performance. There are great new turntables for sale at and many other disk jockey equipment. If you are just starting out with a limited budget then it is better to start with second hand equipment first. When you buy DJ equipment, you must know how to distinguish quality and durability especially if you are out looking for deals in a second hand shop.

Electronic Drum Set

If you want to learn how to play the drums but are concerned about the noise you might make, consider getting an electric drum set at musicians firend. With an electronic set, you have the capability to toss on a pair of headphones and mess about as loud as you like. Electronic drums contain other advantages over acoustic sets as well. There is never a need to tune the set or lose sleep about cold or dampness upsetting the overall sound of the set. You even maintain the preference to replace the sound of the set to make it sound like you’re on stage in a huge hall or a tiny jazz club. Generally electronic sets allow you to connect up your iPod so that you can perform along with your favorite music and obtain the correct mix in your headphones. This is something you can’t do with an ordinary drum set.

DJ Equipment from Vestax

Clubbing became even more exciting because of the emergence of talented world renowned DJs. But of course these DJs wouldn’t be able to do their stuff if not for the high tech gadgets they have such as ableton live 9 intro. Vestax is a designer and manufacturer of electronic guitars, signal processors, DJ Mixers, professional turntables, and compact disc players. One of Vestax’s main innovations with their turntable was the introduction of the straight tone arm which supposedly gave greater tracking force which is useful for complicated DJing maneuvers like scratching or beat juggling. There are a couple of vestax turntables at guitar center wilmington worth checking out.

Your Source For Musical Instruments

Technology has really gotten into several aspects of our living and it has gone as far as our dance. Techno dance is one example of its influence. Hosting a techno disco, on the other hand really makes a change and such change is something very exceptional and looked up to. Moreover, a techno disco would never be complete without a galaxian sky american dj at guitar center okc. Having one will give us the real experience of a techno party, that’s perfect for friends most especially for this summer. What’s even good is that we can pack this with us wherever we want to have our party at.

Drum & Percussion Stands

I know someone in my family who is into drums and percussion instruments. One of my nephews at a young age is already into this kind of musical instrument. My sister recently bought him a drum. I haven’t seen the instrument neither do I know if my sister also bought a stand to go along with it. The only thing that I am sure about is that if my sister did ever buy him a stand, I am sure it is not one of these omni balls. It is just too fancy for a seven-year-old kid to have.

Cable Connectors

The neutrik speakon connectors are known to be the industry standard connectors for amplifier and loudspeaker connections. This kind of connector has 4-pole cable connectors that are designed to operate in the high current, inductive load environment of loudspeakers. The cable connectors feature a robust plastic housing, the traditional Neutrik chuck type cable clamp, a unique locking principle and touch proof contacts. Some musician even uses this kind of connector to break out or adapt Neutrik Speakon cables to bare wires.